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Freelancing has become a growing trend nowadays. Why? Well it’s because freelancing is so much better than any other job or career out there. By better, I mean in terms of both financial aspects and total working hours. Before highlighting the best FREELANCE PLATFORMS out there, let’s just go over a few basics first.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is a type of career in which a person (freelancer) is self-employed and offers his services to companies or other people, often working on several jobs for multiple clients at a time. The best advantage of freelancing is that YOU choose your own working hours.

Freelance worker

How much does a freelancer earn?

There are literally no limits to what a freelancer can earn. In freelancing, earnings are directly dependent upon the skill and total working hours. So for example, if you’re an expert Graphic Designer and charge $40 per hour and you work for a total of 5 hours, you get $200.

The more time you invest, the more your earnings would be. Sky’s the limit.

Basic Requirements to start freelancing

In freelancing, you do not require any sort of degree or qualification. If you possess a certain skill and have great command over it, you can start right away. It doesn’t matter where you got your skill from, meaning no one cares if you’re self taught or studied at a prestigious university. The only thing that matters is your Job Success rate and profile reviews given to you by your previous clients. 

At the very beginning, it’s true you do not receive many job offers but as you work hard and grow your profile, polish your skills and receive positive reviews from prior clients, you start to do just fine. Because, whenever a buyer or client tries to hire  freelancers for a certain job, the first thing that they check is the freelancers job completion/success rate and reviews.\

Coming back to the topic of best freelance platforms out there, down below is a list of the top 5 freelance websites that have the best reviews, minimal membership fees and easy to use interface. 

  1. FIVERR 

Fiverr is one of the best freelance platforms out there. It’s named ‘fiver’ because every job is at least $5 or more. You won’t see any job listed for less than $5. Fiverr, apart from being one of the best, is also one of the biggest freelance websites out there. It offers a variety of jobs  in all niches for example:

  • Graphic Designing
  • Data entry
  • Web development
  • Software development
  • Voice overs
  • Copywriting 
  • Transcriptions/Translations etc.

Fiverr charges the minimalist of fees, about 5% for orders above $30. Moreover, the personal data of buyers as well as sellers is protected. In addition, on fiverr you can make your own gig i.e, your proposal for a job. Freelancers create their own jobs based upon what they are good at, rather than companies posting jobs that freelancers can apply for. Freelancers are able to market their services to companies, and are able to put their gigs into categories by using keywords that show up in different searches.  Fiverr also runs routine checks to ensure there are no frauds or scammers out there. It’s safe to say that currently, Fiverr is dominating the list of Best freelance platforms.  

To check it out, click HERE.

upwork website

Upwork, previously known as Elance, was made by merging 2 previous freelance platforms together, ELANCE and ODESK. Like fiverr, upwork is a big and dominant name in the world’s freelance marketplaces. Offering a wide variety of jobs, upwork has a total of over 12 million registered freelancers. But still, the jobs never run out meaning there is still room for you to go ahead and grab one. 

Used by companies such as Microsoft, Airbnb and GE, Upwork matches companies with freelancers looking to work on larger specialized and complex projects. After being hired, freelancers can get in touch with clients using upwork’s in app messaging service.

Upwork makes use of the Hourly contract system and so a freelancer is billed according to the no. of hours spent on a project. 

One of the best features of Upwork is the ‘Payment Verification’ feature. With this feature, both the freelancer and client can be protected from scams and frauds. It has easy and secure payment methods with easy billing services. Upwork charges 20% of the total work fee which may seem a lot but if you consider the total exposure it grants you to different jobs out there-worldwide, it’s definitely worth it. Over the years, Upwork has grown exponentially and with it’s fast and accurate services, it has earned a spot on the best freelance platform’s list.

To check it out, click   HERE.

freelancer website
  1. FREELANCER was built to link buyers and sellers in a single location. It is popular among freelancers as it allows them to market their services easily. Pricing plans are quite flexible, with the system being offered in monthly and annual subscription packages. It offers a huge variety of jobs of various types and you can either Hourly or in the form of contests that take place on the site. 

The aspect which is a little problematic in case of is that they only offer 8 free applications and in order to apply for more than 8 jobs, you need to purchase their membership. Upwork too offers a limited no. of bids, but their no. is significantly larger than that of (upwork offers 60 free bids) job posting is free. Fees are only extracted once projects are accepted by a freelancer and rates are variable depending on the job type or size. Fixed price projects have a fixed levy of 3% or $3, whichever is greater. They have secure payment options.

To check it out, click HERE.

freelance website

This website bridges the gap between freelancers and businesses who are in need of their talent. PPH is also one of the largest freelance platforms out there with buyers and sellers belonging to different parts of the world. It provides a range of jobs and the job postings are reviewed to make sure there are no scam postings. 

One of the benefits of PPH is that they provide secure payments. The platform requires buyers to make down payments before you start working on a project. This also protects buyers against the possibility of a freelancer not being able to meet job specifications. 

Another benefit of PPH is that it has the option of ‘Regional Recruitment’ meaning you can hire someone from your country to work for you. This is extremely helpful for transcription/translation/subtitle jobs.

Posting jobs on PeoplePerHour is completely free. Buyers are charged a payment transaction fee of £0.6 + 5% and a service fee of 5% for credit card, debit card, or electronic payment gateway transactions. PPH have recently revised their fee structure and it’s best if you check it out from their official page by clicking on the Here option below.

To check it out, click HERE

freelance website
  1. GURU

Guru makes it easy to create a profile that shows off your experience, making it easier to be contacted by potential employers, while also wading through the massive amounts of job postings made every day.Additionally, is an easy-to-use service. Businesses can search for freelancers or post a job and receive proposals straight from the homepage. 

With Guru’s enterprise feature, big businesses can even hire a group of freelancers together and  on top of that, they even get personalized service from a representative. Guru offers massive job opportunities and a decent no. of free bids, earning a spot on the best freelance platforms list.

They give a decent amount of free applications, rationed by the year, and charge about 9% commission. Businesses that display their job posters are not asked to pay unless they feature a job, a service that costs $29.95. This is a money-saver for businesses. 

To check it out, click HERE.


Above mentioned are the best freelance platforms out there. Remember, these platforms are places where you can earn money by using your skill. They do not pay out free money. There’s this stigma around freelancing that it’s nothing but a way to earn a few extra bucks off the side. Well let me tell you, it’s so much more than that. It’s a whole career. You may earn more by freelancing than perhaps your 9am-5pm job. However, all it requires is TIME. Many people don’t treat it like a proper career or give it enough time and this is the major reason why many end up failing here. Once you start taking it seriously and start investing time and skill into it, no doubt you will reap its benefits in a very short period of time. 

And what’s better than being your own boss and deciding you work timings yourself.

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