5 Diets For Weight Loss – Best diets to lose weight

When talking about weight loss, the two most common factors that appear in our mind are Exercise and Diet. This is because these two methods, when working in harmony with each other, are proven to be the fastest and most effective ways to reduce weight. Today we will be talking about diets for weight loss, their types, their purposes (though many are related to losing weight, there are some related to gaining body mass as well) and their effectiveness.

As the world has progressed, dietitians around the world have come up with different types of diets to cater for the different requirements of people. Some want to have a vegan diet while others would prefer a diet which is low in carbs. Down below is a list of diets proven to be the most effective for weight loss.  


This diet is a  low carb diet, best suited for weight loss. In this diet, you can eat as much protein and fats as you want and still get rid of your extra body fat, provided that you avoid foods high in carbs. 

The main reason why this diet is effective is that a reduction in intake of carbs and increase in intake of proteins leads to reduced appetite, making you feel full and eat fewer calories

This diet is split into 4 different phases and according to dieticians, you can lose upto 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) in the first two weeks of starting out but many also acknowledge that those aren’t typical results. 

In accordance with this particular diet, you can eat meat, fatty fish and seafood, eggs, low-carb vegetables and full fat dairy. As long as your meals revolve around protein and healthy fats, you will lose excess body fat.

What you cannot eat are sugary foods, grains, trans fats (found in processed foods) and food substances with high levels of starch in them.

Diets for weight loss

This diet is another low-carb, high fat diet which yields many benefits including Weight loss. It helps in lowering the blood sugar and insulin levels.

 Also known as Ketogenic diets, they are also known to provide benefits against diabetes, cancer, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease

In this diet, the carbohydrates are reduced and replaced with fats. This reduction in carbs leads to a state of ketosis in which the body efficiently burns fats for energy. 

When the entire body starts to run mostly on fats, fats burn 24-7. When insulin level drops, fat burning multiplies and so the fat stores in your body are burned and used to provide energy. Thus, this is one of the best diets for fast weight loss.

In a Ketogenic diet, you can eat meat, seafood, eggs, low carb veggies and cheese.

What you cannot eat are substances containing alcohol, unhealthy fats, sugary foods and root vegetables. 


Veganism is a way of life in which all forms of animal cruelty and exploitation are boycotted, may they be for food, clothing etc. Due to these reasons, this diet does not contain any animal product such as meat, eggs or dairy.

This diet is not only effective for weight loss, but also helps to keep our heart healthy. This is because vegan diets lower blood sugar levels, LDL and total cholesterol, resulting in lower blood pressure and reduced heart disease risk. 

In this diet, you can eat foods such as tofu, nuts and seeds, calcium-fortified plant milks, whole grain cereals and fruits and vegetables. Some famous Vegan snacks include Chia pudding, Hummus with vegetables and homemade muffins.

diet for weight loss

This type of diet is based on foods people of the earlier centuries used to eat. It was 

noted that people of those eras were exceptionally much healthier than people from current times and had low risk of many life threatening diseases. 

Mediterranean diet helps in weight loss, prevention of  heart attacks, strokes, type 2 diabetes and premature death. There is no proper or fixed diet plan for this diet as people from different places would have eaten different substances.

Some of the basic foods that you can eat are eggs, meat, seafood, low car or healthy fruits and vegetables. Refined oil, processed meats, processed foods and sugary foods should be avoided.


This is the new trend nowadays. Intermittent fasting is extremely beneficial when it comes to weight loss, better lifestyle and better health. It is also seen as a diet that helps you live longer and in some cases, this might be true.

In this type of diet, there is no such restriction on types of food you can eat. You can eat whatever you want but in fixed intervals of time. In this way, this type of diet is different from all the other types of conventional diets.

There are different methods to carry this out. You can either fast for 16 hours and keep your meal time limited to 8 hours or you can fast 24 hours twice a week. It totally depends upon you which method you want to opt for. 

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