Gym essentials – Top 8 Gym essentials for beginners

We all want to look good and stay fit and that’s why a majority of us join the gym. However, Whenever we start going to the gym, or are thinking of joining one, one of the first few questions that we ask are: Hey, what do I need in order to go to a gym? What are gym essentials? How can I make my workouts as smooth as possible?. Well, if you’re looking for answers to questions like these as well, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s understandable how many might argue upon the fact that there’s no need for any sort of special ‘gym accessories’ and that you should just go, get your sets done and come back. However, if you want to make your pre, during and post-gym experience a better one, trust me you need them. 

Down below is a list of gym essentials for beginners. These are just the basic essentials for a modern man or woman to have while going out for their workouts.

  1. A Gym bag

A gym bag is a basic gym essential. It stores all your necessary equipment such as clothes, body essentials etc. You can have multiple bags for different types of exercises or just one bag which includes everything. 

When choosing one for yourself, keep in mind your requirements and then pick one. You do not need a bag that is small and unable to accommodate your things and neither a too large one which would be difficult to handle and take care of. Make sure that the bag is washable so that you can wash away the gym odors.

  1. Gym clothes and shoes

Wearing the right type of attire is going to help you alot when you exercise. If you go to the gym in your usual clothing, let’s say in jeans and shirts, you won’t be able to do most of the workouts as you won’t feel free. That’s why wearing sports tops and shorts or leggings is way better as you can stretch and move around freely without any worry.

Gym shoes are also not to be ignored. Wearing the right type of shoes help you by providing that extra grip and also protect your feet from blisters and chafing. 

Remember to always keep an extra pair of clothes in your gym bag.

gym towel
  1. Towels

Towels are one of the best gym essentials to have near you while you workout. They help in clearing all your sweat. Literally one of the worst things that could happen is you needing to stop your set midway because your eyes are itching due to sweat going into them. 

Moreover, you’ll need a towel when you shower. Keeping a set of towels in your gym bag is always handy.

  1. Hair and body kit

Hair kit includes a headband, a shampoo and some hair clips. These are extremely important, especially for people with long hair as your hair tends to irritate you a lot while working out. For women, this is definitely one of the most important gym essentials to have in your gym bag.

When you’re done with your exercise, be sure to take a shower. This is because your gym is no doubt going to be disgusting. Not only due to all the sweat but also because of the allergies and viruses that would roam around in it. A basic body kit includes an antibacterial body wash, soap and a hand sanitizer. A deodorant and moisturizer are definitely positive addons to your everyday gym essentials. 

yoga mat
  1. Weight lifting gloves and Yoga mat

For all those who use dumbbells and weights, using them with your bare hands is not recommended. If you do, your hands will become rough and filled with calluses or blisters, which take time to heal. So it’s probably best if you use gloves for weight lifting. Gloves also provide you a bit of extra grip, which is quite helpful with sweaty hands. 

Yoga mat is another well received gym essential. It not only comes in handy when doing yoga, but if you’re planning on doing a workout which requires lying down, like crunches, yoga mat helps a lot. You can easily get these from

  1. Smart phone

I doubt anyone would forget their mobile phone while going to the gym. Smart phone can incorporate everything in it ranging from music to heart rate monitor. All you have to do is connect it to certain other devices like a smartwatch and wireless headphones and that’s it. You don’t even need to have it on you while you workout.

  1. Drinks

No, these are not your usual sugary drinks. Drinks include Water and Protein shakes. You need to have water with you to stay hydrated and replace all the water that your body is already losing in the form of sweat.

After a workout, too little protein in the body can result in muscle soreness and fatigue. Drinking protein shakes after a workout helps the body to begin quickly healing the micro-tears in the muscle, a process which makes muscles stronger over time.

  1. First aid kit and a padlock

In the gym, you’re usually dealing with a lot of heavy duty equipment and if not used properly, they can result in serious injuries. First aid kit is one of the most important gym essentials out there. Though many gyms already have first aid kits, it’s always best to have a small kit of your own in your gym bag.

You cannot workout and keep an eye on your things at the same time. You can also not keep your gym bag with you at all times and would have to put it in a locker. Now usually lockers in gyms do have tiny little locks on them but with one hard shake, these locks are opened. So it’s always best to have a padlock protecting your stuff as gyms are also hotspots for thievery.


All the products mentioned here are cheap and easily available. Just go to google and search for ‘gym essentials amazon’ and there you can find everything you need. Again  It’s not a must that you should have all these accessories and only then can you join a gym, but if you want to maximize your efforts and make the most of your workouts, you should definitely go for these basic gym essentials.

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