How to look good? | Tips on looking good

It’s often said that you cannot judge a person by his or her appearance, just like you cannot judge a book by its cover, however when it comes to implementing this saying, we all fall a little short. Let’s be honest, looking good is what everyone wants and the first thing that someone notices when they meet another person is their appearance-how they look on the outside and how they carry themselves. Your impression of a man dressed in a formal suit would be completely different then that of a man wearing a t-shirt with casual shorts.

Below are some of the ways through which you can become more presentable.


Your dressing sense reflects the type of person you are, or at least people tend to think that way. That’s probably the reason why you never attend an interview in anything less than a suit. Everyone likes a well-dressed person and that’s why you should always dress to impress. More importantly you should dress according to the occasion so that you don’t look out of place. Always wear ironed clothes and make sure the clothes are clean and do not have any stains on them. Take time to choose your outfits and don’t just throw them on randomly. Foot wear is an important aspect of dressing and should not be ignored. Furthermore accessorize your look according to your mood to either add a pop of color or to make even a simple outfit look very chic.


 Confidence is not necessarily linked to your appearance but it has a great role to play in building up your personality. A lot can be interpreted from how you act and react in the world. When you have confidence in yourself, you stop caring about what others think and this kind of gives you a carefree type of feeling and relieves stress as you stop trying to impress others. The more stress-free you are, the happier you’ll be. You’ll, in fact, be a very fun person to hang out with and sometimes being fun, being authentic and being confident can actually make you feel very, very presentable. Be yourself and be authentic.


Health is a key factor in making you presentable. Eat healthy and resist eating junk food as it will prevent you from gaining those extra few KGs. Moreover, exercise, if not a lot then an adequate amount each day to keep your body in good shape and to stay fit. This does not mean that you hit the gym every day and start building muscles for looking good. Set up a sleep schedule so that you get enough sleep. Getting enough shut eye at night helps you to be fresh and productive during the day and trust me, energetic people look way more presentable than exhausted and sleep deprived individuals and so this boosts your chances of looking good.


Nobody likes a man in a suit with a bad odor. Make sure you shower and keep yourself clean. It’s very refreshing to hear ‘hey you smell good’ so make sure to use a deodorant. Brush your hair properly and oil them occasionally to keep them nourished. Trim your nails and please stop biting them. Boys should trim their beards. If you have dry skin, apply lotion on it. Brush your teeth regularly to keep them nice and shiny. Everybody likes a bright smile. Make sure to keep your breath in check. It’s always super handy to have a few peppermints on hand.

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